Nine Tips And Tricks For Car Interior Cleaning Info 09-Feb-2021 Cleaning A Car Interior

Let's be honest - how long has it been since you got to enjoy the feeling of a clean car seat?

Most drivers clock an average mileage of 20,000 km per year, which means that the typical driver often spends an hour or two behind the wheel daily. Imagine the hundreds of times your car doors have opened, windows been rolled down, and sweaty passengers being carried… nasty, isn’t it?

That’s why cleaning your car interior is crucial in maintaining cleanliness and value. Though it won’t bring back the feeling of a brand-new car seat, it does a good job of improving the air quality and hygiene of your car. Plus, you’re able to save hundreds of dollars on professional detailing by doing it yourself!

How Often Should I Clean My Car Interior?

The frequency and intensity of cleaning a car’s interior differ from driver to driver –– rather, it’s dependent on your driving conditions, how frequently you drive, the number of passengers you carry, and how the vehicle is used.

Here’s what you’ll need: a trash bag, dishwashing liquid, disinfecting wipes, paper towel, water, ammonia-free window cleaner or distilled white vinegar, and baking soda. Alternatively, you may want to consider purchasing oxygen-based bleach, upholstery cleaner, or a leather cleaner for a cleaner job. You’ll also need to have these tools on hand: a bucket, duster, old toothbrush, sponge, cotton swab, microfiber cloths, a vacuum with hose attachments, and a garden hose (optional). Sometimes you’ll find it easier to just replace certain parts, like car mats. If that happens, just get a new one at [SEOL=12,Simply Car Mats]. With that being said, let’s break down the different procedures to clean a car’s interior.

Step-By-Step Procedure

1. Decluttering The Car

Before attempting to clean your car interior, you should begin by gathering all your rubbish from the cup holders, floorboards, and door and seat pockets. Do remember to remove all additional items left behind in the car –– such as toys, gym bags, car seats, water bottles. If you’re planning on disposing of the rubbish, remember to bring a garbage bag in advance. Remember to don the appropriate safety gear; you don’t want to get your hands unnecessarily dirty, especially if you’re dealing with unpleasant garbage! Additionally, do consider bringing a recycling container along, where you can sort and place all recyclables –– such as cardboard items, plastic bottles, and paper –– into a separate section for recycling.

2. Remove and Clean Floor Mats

The floor mats are undoubtedly one of the messiest components of the car and accumulate the most dirt. Before you begin vacuuming, you should remove the floor mats and shake it out to help reveal the grime underneath. Different floor mats would require different forms of cleaning techniques; for example, carpeted mats would need a carpet or upholstery cleaner, whereas rubber, vinyl, or silicone mats only require a good hosing down. This includes creating a soapy water combination of a few drops of dishwashing liquid and warm water, and dip a scrub brush to clean the silicone or rubber mats. Once you’re done washing the mats, leave them out to air-dry before placing them back into the vehicle. Check out our guide to cleaning your car mats for more advice and tips.

3. Cleaning The Interior Windows and Mirror

Wet a microfiber towel lightly with an ammonia-free window cleaner to get rid of the haze from interior windows. It’s important to use a microfibre towel, as they are specially designed to remove tough stains whilst avoiding streaking. Additionally, choosing an ammonia-free window cleaner is important as ammonia could potentially dry out the plastic in your vehicle and damage the windows.

Start by lowering your windows and cleaning from the top to bottom systematically, to double-check the label of the cleaning product to make sure that it is safe to use.

4. Cleaning The Center Console

The center console is often used to hold cup holders, which results in it getting messy and dirty easily. Soak the cup holder in warm water and dishwashing liquid to remove stains, and rinse it with fresh water after. To finish, dry it with a cloth and reassemble the console.

When cleaning the joystick and controls, dampen a clean microfiber cloth slightly with a household cleaner, and work from the cleanest areas to the dirtiest –– for example, you can start with the centre console, before working your way to the gearstick. Hint: use an old toothbrush or damp cotton swab to reach every nook and cranny!

5. Wiping the Dashboard And Door Panels

One trick is to use a duster to remove the majority of the dirt from the dashboard, and use cotton swabs to reach the tight spaces around the vents and knobs. Similarly, use a damp microfiber cloth with a household cleaner to wipe down the door panels, and make sure to not leave residue behind. In both cases, it’s good to repeat the cleaning process by going over the cleaned areas with another damp, clean microfiber –– this helps to pick up any residual grime and remove fingerprints.

6. Disinfect Steering Wheel

Use a clean microfiber cloth or disinfecting wipes to wipe down the steering wheel and gear shift knobs. If you have trouble removing stains, consider switching to cotton buds to reach tight corners. It’s important to change to a clean cloth every once in a while, as you might be transmitting the mess you’ve cleaned up to the next person.

7. Tackling The Car Seats

Your cleaning method is dependent on the texture of your car seat, as different materials require specific forms of care. For example, to avoid cracking, leather car seats require a vacuum crevice tool and an appropriate cleaner (eg. saddle soap) to remove dust and grime. Alternatively, you can consider conditioning the seats to restore its shine and suppleness.

To clean heavily-stained cloth car seats, you’ll need to have an appropriate upholstery cleaner or know specific strain treatment methods. Dye-based stains, such as Kool-Aid, can be removed by a combination of water and oxygen-based bleach. Rub the paste into the stained area and leave it for an hour –– the stains should be (almost) fully removed! After removing all the stains, use a scrub brush to apply cleaner to the fabric, and wipe it again with a damp microfiber cloth.

Don’t forget to clean your seat belts as well! Wipe the fabric straps with an upholstery cleaner to remove external dirt, and use a microfiber cloth to clean the metal fasteners and molded clasps.

8. Vacuum the Car

We’re almost there, so hang on! Make sure that you all have the required items: upholstery nozzle, crevice vacuum cleaner tool, and a dusting brush. Each part of the car would require using different cleaning technologies –– for example, upholstered areas (eg. ceiling, seats) require the upholstery nozzle. By saving this to the last, we’re able to focus on getting rid of all the debris from the previous tasks. However, if there are large stains prevalent on the carpet, we can begin by searching where the commercial carpet cleaner is advised.

9. Getting Rid of Odours

Did you know that you’re able to control odours, just by combining baking soda and activities charcoal in a sealed plastic container? You’ll only need to change the containers monthly, and ensure that there are slits in the lid, and place it below the seats. Otherwise, you can opt to sprinkle the car seats and carpet with dry baking soda to get rid of any stale or stuffy odour. Let these substances sit in the car overnight before vacuuming it away; you’ll soon observe a big change in terms of odour!


For regular drivers, a good clean every six to eight months is sufficient enough to maintain the ‘new’ look and feel of a vehicle. However, first-timers should beware –– be prepared to take a significantly longer time, especially if it has not been cleaned in a while.

One man’s car is another man’s scenery, hence having regular vehicle maintenance can help to increase its resale value by hundreds and thousands of extra dollars in the future.

Do I Need To Replace My Car Mats? Help 07-Feb-2021 When To Replace Your Car Mats

Despite its humble appearance, the car mat plays an important role in protecting the vehicle’s floor from the dangers of dirt, wear, and corrosion -– this helps to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of a car. However, because these mats are used daily, they often get worn down easily and needs to be replaced over time. The good news? With proper care, you’ll be able to spot when to replace your car mats to keep the vehicle in tip-top shape.

Signs To Look Out For

Once your mat hits the one-year mark, it’s time to begin looking for signs of ageing. Most rubber mats have a one-year usage lifespan, especially if they’ve been heavily used on a daily basis. Hence, car owners with mats that have been used for a one year or more should pay special attention to the following telltale signs, which would help to indicate when a mat is due for replacement.

Unsightly Physical Appearances

Unsightly physical appearances are one of the first telltale signs if a mat needs replacement or not. Do take note that not all negative physical appearances require immediate replacement; some appearances such as faded colours and fraying could simply serve as a good gauge as to how much time the mat has left.

However, certain physical appearances such as the appearance of mould can serve as warnings for immediate replacement. This is especially dangerous as mould releases spores that may trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions, such as wheezing and shortness of breath, to the driver and passengers. Such complications may further develop in passengers who are especially prone to respiratory illnesses, or who are of old age.

It Becomes Slippery

To a certain extent, all car mats are equipped with anti-slippery mechanisms, as traction is essential in providing the driver with a firm and stable ground when driving. A car mat that has begun to slip around indicates that either the rubber backing has begun to wear off, the eyelet has broken off or the hook has begun to pull on the carpet. This may pose a potential hindrance to the brake and accelerator, which may cause the driver to lose control of his vehicle when driving. Additionally, having slippery mats run the risk of exposing the carpet lining underneath to dirt, grime and physical damage that is supposed to be covered by the mat.

It Doesn’t Cover The Carpet Lining Fully

If you’ve ever purchased a universal car mat, you’ve probably encountered certain mats that are unable to cover the carpet area fully. Similar to having slippery or mats with holes, car mats that are too small exposes the carpet lining underneath to external dirt, grime and liquid spillage. This is not ideal, as carpet linings are way more troublesome and costly to replace.

Curled or Lifted Edges

Car mats are designed to provide a stable surface for the vehicle owners by gripping tightly onto the carpet lining –– hence, mats with curled or lifted edges is another clear indicator of wear and tear. Similar to slippery car mats, mats who have begun to lift could interfere with the driver’s momentum, which may result in a momentary loss of control over the brake and accelerator pedals. Plus, if your floor mats have begun scrunching up together, it probably means that that mat does not fit the car interior well or has lost its durability.

Appearance of Holes

If your floor mat has significant holes in it, it’s probably about time to get rid of it. Car mats are supposed to protect your car’s carpet lining from physical damage, as carpet linings are often trickier and harder to replace than car mats. Additionally, because the flooring contains multiple electrical wirings, having a hole in the car mat could potentially expose your car to unprecedented danger.

Furthermore, these holes could pose an interference in driving. Most drivers pivot on their heels when switching between brake and gas pedals, hence a hole may cause their heel to be stuck by accident. This may also result in a loss of control, which could put the lives of both the driver and passenger in danger.

It Has a Strong Odour

Another telltale sign of wear and tear is if bad odours have begun to develop from the mat. Foul odours are usually linked to things going bad, such as decay, the presence of mould, or the overheating of the catalytic converter. Regardless of the reason, you should probably change your car mat immediately once it begins to stink. Prolonging it would cause the foul smell to linger in your car, which could potentially invite the presence of pests (such as cockroaches, ants, etc). No one wants their car to smell bad, right?

It Is No Longer Effective

Car mats are primarily used to protect the carpet lining from physical damage. If you’ve begun to notice dirt and grime trapped at the bottom of the mat, or on the surface of the carpet lining, your car mat is no longer effective and useful as it is supposed to be. Additionally, as wear and tear begin to set in, so does the accumulation and hardening of dirt and grime. Spending more time and effort in cleaning the car mats is another indicator that your car mats are no longer as useful as they once were.

You Want To Freshen Up Your Car

A little can go a long way! Changing your car mat or adding car accessories are great and inexpensive ways to spruce up the look of your car interior. The look and feel of a fresh car mat are bound to give your long driving trips a good refresher, too.

Furthermore, this is a great tip for anyone who is looking to sell their car soon. First impressions are especially crucial for the car market, hence you’d want to make your car as presentable as possible before putting it up for sale. Purchasing a new car mat can help sharpen the look of your vehicle, giving it a new and stylish look that’s bound to send any potential car buyers your way.


Once you’ve spotted any signs of wear and tear, don’t hesitate to change your car mat immediately –– prevention is always better than a cure! Educate yourself and practise proper car maintenance regularly, and you’re guaranteed to be protected from the dangers of overwork and improper car mats.

Cleaning Your Car Floor Mats Help 05-Feb-2021 Introduction

To all car owners out there: we know that cleaning the floor mats of your car can be a chore, time-consuming and tiresome job. We also know that you probably have put off cleaning your Car Mats for as long as you can. We are here to share our not-so-secret but definitely useful guide for more efficient and easy cleaning of your car floor mats. So let’s get cracking! Before you know it, your car will be as good as brand new, enhancing your overall driving and car experience. Don’t think that this a thankless job—future you will definitely be thankful for your hard work put in to clean your car. Okay enough talk, let’s jump right in!

To start off, you have to remove the floor mats that are to be cleaned. Car floor mats can be made of different materials such as rubber, cloth, and even upholstery. Regardless of the type of material they are made of, we highly recommend removing them from your car for an easier time cleaning them. To do this, you have to open all your car doors and manually remove each mat one at a time. Although you can technically clean them inside the car, any form of cleaning that can be done would be very minimal and surface level. If you involve liquids in an attempt to deep clean them, you risk damaging your car’s interior and mechanism. Therefore, we discourage anyone from doing so, especially if they are not car experts. The only exception is mats that are entirely unremovable. Ensure that you do not let any oily or foamy substance on the gas, clutch, and brake pedals while doing so, as you may cause an accident for future you while driving.

For the actual cleaning, we recommend a strong vacuum. Vacuum the mats thoroughly, ensure that the vacuum sucks up all visible dust and dirt particles. Remember to do so for both sides as these can particles can be persistent and be hidden on the other side. You can use vacuums of any size, but we recommend a large one for the removable mats for a quicker job. For mats that cannot be detached, you will have to stick to the portable and handheld versions. It is best to do this in a brightly lit area so you can inspect the floor mats for any stray dust or dirt particles that you might have missed before you have on to the next course of action. Should your floor mats be wet for some reason, vacuuming will become quite tough. Consider sprinkling some baking soda on the damp mat. This will help to remove the moisture and foul odour if you leave it alone for about twenty minutes. After this, you can proceed to vacuum as directed above.

Up next is give them a good smack and whacking for the floor mats. This will help to get rid of the hidden dirt stuck in between the seams of the mats. You can whack it against the ground or any solid surface.

Washing Floor Mats of Rubber Materials

Use a hose with decent pressure. Wash off the dirt on the rubber mat and ensure the flipside remains dry. The pressure from the hose is going to come in handy to flush off any loose particles on the mat.

A side note that is unrelated to cleaning is to invest in quality rubber car floor mats. Sturdier and durable rubber mats are less likely to have any wear and tear even after years. We want to avoid wear and tear because any liquid that gets past your mat and to the car floor can spell trouble for your car’s floor. Once your car floor rots due to the moisture, your car will start to have a persistent bad smell that can only be gotten rid of by removing the car interior floor altogether. Another alternative is to head to your nearest car wash and pressure wash your rubber mat if you do not own a hose.

The next thing you want to do is to prepare the soap mix. Simply mix some baking soda and laundry soap with water. Apply this soap mix to your mat and rinse them off with water from the hose.

Finally, leave the rubber mat to dry. For the mats stuck in your car, turn your air condition and fan on, and toggle them to full heat and max strength respectively. To bring the drying speed up a notch, consider turning on your feet warming if your car has that option.

Washing Floor Mats of Cloth Materials

Should your upholstered car floor mats have persistent stains, you can get rid of them by rubbing baking soda on the spots affected. For tough stains, you might have to use a brush to scrub them off using the bristles. For this, you want tough and hard bristles if possible.

For cloth mats, the soap mix can be made with two tablespoons of washing powder and an equal amount of any shampoo. Wet your brush with this mixture and rub this mixture on your mat. This mixture can be used to clean other parts of your car’s interior as well. Rinse off with warm water once you are done scrubbing.

If you have a spray cleaner, you can use it and leave it to sit for half an hour. Spray cleaners can be found for sale at most auto shops. Once thirty minutes have passed, you can use a brush to make sure the spray cleaner is spread throughout the mat.

Another easy option is to toss them into a power washer or steam cleaner. Remember to apply stain removers on stains you have spotted on the mats, before throwing them into the machine with regular detergent.

At this point, you can either vacuum them again to speed up the drying process and remove any excess dirt you may have missed. Otherwise, it’s time to dry them in a well-ventilated spot. It is best to hang them to ensure they dry properly. You can choose to dry them in the dryer as well. Consider using a clean scent spray of your choice to ensure they smell nice.


Well, that’s it. That was not as hard as you think it’d be right? If you are still hesitant to clean your mat, just know that once you get started you’ll be done with them in no time. Happy cleaning!

Basic Tips For Boot Liners And 10 Best Boot Protectors For Dogs Info 03-Feb-2021 Introduction

If you are new to the car accessories world, Car boot Liners are essentially a basic item you need when you first get your car. You do not need to pay special attention when choosing one but going for the most suitable one right off the bat can save you monetarily, and can do a better job at protecting your car in the long run.

Next, we will be going through what makes a decent boot liner.

1. Material & Construction

To understand the basic function of boot liners, they are there to help protect the carpet in your car boot, as well as the loots you are carrying. Without an adequate boot liner, your boot liner may not hold its shape when heavy cargo is transported into the car. Therefore, a decent boot liner will need to be manufactured using a strong and durable material. Examples are rubber and or high-level plastics such as TPE. Having a strong boot liner can also prevent any spillage when you are taking it out to clean.

It should also be versatile enough such that you can roll it up and fit it into a smaller storage space when not in use.

2. Features

Features that make a befitting boot liner includes having a good grip, which prevents cargo from slipping and clanking around the boot when your car makes sharp turns. The best kind of boot liner warrants you a hundred per cent anti-slip surface. When choosing boot liners, keep a lookout for those with a slightly tilted edge as they will hold spills better. You can also take it a step further and go for a liner that is entirely resistant to chemical and or fuel spills. A boot liner should lastly be UV resistant, as this will protect the car when it is left under direct sunlight for a long time.

3. Fitting & Installation

It is best to get a liner that fits your vehicle’s dimensions just nicely. Tailor boot liners are ultimately constructed to follow the outline of your car boot and this will give a 100% snug fit. Installation for such boot liners simply includes rolling the boot liner in the car boot. Do take note to go for the least complicated liner, as complications will only drag out the installation process.

4. Warranty

As with all products, having a warranty on any product means that the item is of good quality. Boot liners that typically come with a two-year warranty are the ones you should look for. For additional assurance, boot liners can be warrantied up to 10 years. The longer the warranty is, the more worth the liner is.

Next, we will be moving onto the top 10 boot protectors for dog lovers with pets.

1. Bishopstone Pets Car Boot Liner

This car boot with a padded cover suits the typical SUV and small pickups. Besides featuring a long bumper protector that helps to shield dog scratches, it is also secured together firmly by velcro strips. The durable and lightweight aspect of this car boot is the highlight, whereby it makes for easy installation and removal.

2. Zellar Car Boot Liner

A bonus regarding the Zellar is that rather than being generic and fitting every type of car available, it is produced in a variety of four sizes to best suit your car dimensions. It clips to the car near the rear headrests and provides comfort with its moisture-resistant fabric. it also comes with an 18-month warranty to alleviate your worries about quality.

3. Digiflex Water Resistant Car Boot Liner

When it comes to affordability, this one takes the cake. Featuring one of the most reasonably-priced boot liners in the industry, this boot liner does its job decently with minimum flair. It is easily available in one size and made from a strong and waterproof material. It also includes an extra flap that can provide extra protection to the rear bumper.

4. Me & My Pet Car Boot Protector Mat

This particular product has gathered high ratings from consumers and just by looking at the design, it is not a surprise why it is so highly raved. Rather than showcasing the glossy waterproof material most boot liners will feature, this one has more of a carpet-like feel to it. However, it is guaranteed to be equally resistant to dirt and simple to clean too.

5. Sakura FERSS4612 Boot Liner and Bumper Protector

This boot liner acts as a simultaneous bumper protector with the remaining part of the material. Featuring the common traits of a water-resistant liner, it hinders your bumper from getting wet and dirty paws all over it.

6. WEIJIGUOJI car boot liner

Despite the hard to pronounce name, this boot liner has made a name for itself when it comes to the basic functions of a boot liner. This liner also comes with adjustable straps such that it can fit an array of vehicles well enough. It also comes with a pet-friendly clip to ensure your pet travels safely and securely while seated in the boot.

7. Pettom Water Resistant Car Boot Liner

Pettom’s boot liner has been upgraded to give your vehicle only the highest level of protection. Made from a material plush and durable enough, it features a non-slip surface beneath, which prevents movement within the cargo area. There is also an excessive flap of material that can double up as a bumper protector when on the go.

8. Focuspet Dog Car Seat Cover

Even though the name suggests that it is solely a car seat cover for dogs, this product is essentially manufactured to protect your car boot in many ways. Made of the typical Oxford fabric, this car seat presents waterproof functions as well as a non-slip backside to secure it in place. As a bonus, it is smartly created to operate even with all the backseats folded, for maximum dog-carrying storage.

9. LIVIO boot liner and rear seat protector

A cheap and aesthetically pleasing product featuring blue trimming, this product works best with larger cars. For easy keeping, it can also be conveniently rolled up and you are getting a product worth the money.

10. Hardcastle Water Resistant Heavy Duty Car Boot Liner

Last but not least, we have another multi-purposeful boot liner specially manufactured for dog lovers. This item is also made of the popular Oxford fabric but adds on fancier knick-knacks in its installation. Security is one thing it measures up to as it comes with zips, ties, and velcro fastenings.


For all dog lovers out there, you will be pleased to find that you can now bring your dog everywhere with you without worrying much about the aftermath. For first-time car owners, hopefully, you have gained some useful knowledge on what a boot liner does and why it is an essential purchase.

Want To Ensure Your Car Floor Mats Stay In Place? Help 01-Feb-2021 Preventing Car Mats From Moving

It isn’t uncommon for drivers to face the issue of floor mats shifting around in the car, even shifting to the extent that it gets stuck under the brake pedal. This can lead to problems such as making the pedals hard to press. Annoyed that your floor mats aren’t in place? Read on to find out how to make sure your floor mats stay where they are supposed to be.

[SEOL=12,Simply Car Mats] is your solution for reliable, high-quality car mats.

Consider using thicker floor mats

Compared to lighter floor mats, mats made of heavier materials are less likely to slide around. Consider replacing your lightweight mats with a heavier one to ensure they stay in place inside the car.

Carpet tape is your best friend

Apply carpet tape to the floor mat to help it adhere to the car floor. Coated with adhesive material on both sides, the carpet tape ensures that the mats stay in place on top of the car floor. As long as the adhesive holds, the mat will remain where you want it to be.

Use a screw

Nail a single screw into the mat till it comes into contact with the carpet. This way, your floor mats cannot slide around. The best place to position the screw will be at the centre of the mats, so you will only need to use one. This is recommended only if you don’t have pets or young children riding in the car, as screws pose a safety risk to the wandering hands and curious minds of pets and young children if they manage to pry it loose.

Floor mat clips can be used

Floor mat clips, as their name suggests, clip the floor mat and carpet together. Rusting isn’t an issue as the clips are made of plastic. If you go for this option, make sure to choose floor mat clips which are compatible with your floor mat.

Drapery hooks can be repurposed for your car

Pin-on drapery hoops may be repurposed even if you no longer use them for your curtains. The u-shaped part connects to the floor mat, while the pointed end of the hook embeds itself into the carpet underneath the floor mats, ensuring they stay in place.

Choosing between carpet or rubber car mats

It’s a tight race between the carpet and rubber floor mats when it comes to choosing one for your car. While the rubber floor mats are easy to clean and provide the highest level of protection available, they only come in black, grey and tan — rather drab colors.

On the other hand, custom-fit carpet mats can be used in place of the default carpet mats as they provide more protection and coverage. Available at a cheaper price than their rubber counterparts, carpet mats are also available in a wide range of colors to suit your car interior. This is also what makes the material of choice for luxury and show vehicles due to their versatility. Customisation options such as embroidered names, initials or car logos are also available, though prices increase with more customisation.

Choosing a floor mat which suits inclement weather?

Your car was probably expensive, so simple logic dictates that you want to maintain it in tip-top form. An often overlooked aspect of car interiors is its surface. Damages and dirty carpets are common due to this. Though various types of floor mats are available in the market to protect the interior of your car, an all-weather floor mat is a must-have item when it comes to car protection, and to ensure that the interior of your car remains odourless and clean. An all-weather mat protects your car against liquids, chemicals, debris, snow, dirt and mud, while also giving your car a sophisticated look.

We compare 5 different types of all-weather floor mats to help you make up your mind. Read on to find out more:

  1. Husky Liners Classic Style Liners
    The classic style liners ensure optimal protection for your car floor, being made of durable materials which are lasting. Your car floor is protected against potentially damaging contaminants, and is unlikely to shift around. Living somewhere with colder temperatures? Rest assured that this mat will not crack or warp. Living somewhere with hot weather? This mat remains odor-free, giving you a nice, clean interior.
  2. Husky Liners X-act Contour Floor Liners
    Being custom-fit, the X-act contour floor lines will definitely fit the curves of your car. No matter what the contaminant is, your car floor will be 100% protected, as the mats are made of an extremely rugged material which ensures its integrity throughout various weather conditions.

  3. Husky Weather Beater Floor Liners
    Ensuring great protection for your vehicles’ interior, the weather beater floor liner like its other counterparts also defend against all types of contaminants. An added bonus would be how this mat is suitable for use in all terrains and seasons, as it is made from Polydurathene thermoplastic and moulded to extreme precision with the use of laser measuring technology.
  4. Weather Tech Digital Fit Floor Liners
    Providing the best protection against water, sand, mud, pet fur and dander, or even spills made by your toddler, the weather tech digital fit floor liners are rugged and have an extra-strong core. The debris, dirt and liquids which may accumulate are redirected to its lower reservoir for easy cleaning.
  5. Weather Tech All-Weather Floor Mats
    Available in various finishes to cater to a wide variety of vehicles, most of weather tech’s all-weather floor mats are model-specific, though the rare exception that is of a universal size and shape does exist.
  6. Conclusion

    Spoilt for choice? If you are facing a dilemma between the numerous choices available on the market, the one tip you should keep in mind is to choose a floor mat that can easily be installed or removed, as you would want to regularly clean and upkeep your floor mats to prevent odours from occurring within your car. Now that you know this, you’re all ready to find a floor mat that fits your car and ensure it is properly secured in place!

    Tough Salt Stains In Your Car Mat? Here’s What To Do! Help 04-Jan-2021 Get Rid Of Salt Stains In Your Car Mat

    Houses get dirty over time as dust and grime accumulate. It is no different for your car’s interior. The carpeting is subject to the occasional spill caused by messy toddlers, or perhaps from the dirt from the bottom of your shoes as you go about your daily commute. Especially so if you live somewhere with colder temperatures, as snowfall can lead to the appearance of whitish stains on the carpet. This is due to the minute amounts of salt tracked into your car. Fret now, as the white stains are removable once the snow thaws out. If you need new car mats, head on over to [SEOL=12,Simply Car Mats].

    Wondering how snow leads to salt stains? The answer is simple. Salt is naturally occurring in snow. Not just that, in countries up north, they also tend to salt the roads for increased traction and to reduce the chances of an accident occurring on the roads. This means that the salt can then stick to your shoe sole, eventually transferring over to your car carpet. This is made worse by how the salt used to salt the roads are often made of a mixture of other chemicals as well, such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, and is not just the usual table salt we eat. This highly alkaline substance is good at withstanding freezing temperatures but eventually leaves behind a whitish blemish when the melted snow water dries out. Removal is easy, despite the nasty look of the stains.

    It can be expensive to send your car into an automotive shop for stain removal, so consider our solutions before trying this option, or even going so far as to reupholster your vehicle.

    Here are two easy ways to do so on your own:

    The Vinegar Method

    Though it may smell sour, vinegar has long been an effective and organic cleaner which is easily available in most households. If you don’t have a bottle on hand, it should be readily and cheaply available at your nearest supermarket or grocery shop.

    You will need a scrub brush, a spray bottle, a towel, water and white vinegar for this method.

    Step 1:

    Fill half an empty spray bottle with vinegar, and the other half with water to make the solution. This mixture will be strong enough to get rid of the stains, while still being weak enough to not have an overly acidic odour. Lukewarm water may be used, to allow for the vinegar to mix quickly with the water.

    Step 2:

    Spray the salt-stained areas of your carpet generously with the solution. If you have removable floor mats, these should be removed for cleaning and for treatment of possible salt stains. Once the mats are properly cleaned, they can then be returned to where they are supposed to be within the car. Take this chance to also thoroughly clean your floor mats of any dust, dirt and grime that may have accumulated.

    Step 3:

    Using a brush, gently scrub the affected areas, ensuring that there isn’t the use of excessive force. This brings the salt up to the surface for easier removal. If excessive force is used, the salt will instead sink into the carpeting fibres, making removal of the stains more difficult; as the fibres will be scrubbed away and result in a permanently damaged carpet.

    Step 4:

    Blot a clean, dry towel over the stained area to get rid of the moisture. Use a dry towel whenever the current one you use becomes too wet. If the carpet still feels wet despite the towel not blotting any more moisture, consider leaving your car doors open for better ventilation and faster drying.

    If there seems to be a lingering smell of vinegar after the cleaning, take out your floor mats if you have any, allowing them to dry outside of the car. If you don’t have anywhere to hang out your mats to let them air dry, consider rolling down the car windows to allow for better ventilation. If a vinegar smell still exists, an air freshener can be sprayed to mask the unpleasant sourish smell.

    Step 5:

    Repeat steps one to four as many times as needed until there is no sight of the salt stain.

    The Carpet Cleaner Method

    If you prefer a method which doesn’t smell as acidic, consider the carpet cleaning method. Foaming carpet cleaners usually have a less intrusive scent than vinegar. It is also quite easily available on the market, with some brands of carpet cleaner even coming with an integrated brush on its cap.

    You will need to purchase the foaming carpet cleaner, a scrub brush if your carpet cleaner does not come with one, and a vacuum.

    Step 1:

    Liberally spray the foaming carpet cleaner on the part of the carpet which has been stained by salt.

    Step 2:

    Using the integrated scrubber or a scrub brush, gently scrub the stained area. Take care not to use excessive force to prevent permanent damage to the carpet due to the removal of carpet fibres.

    Step 3:

    Air-dry the carpet to prevent any mould or odours from forming. This is especially important if you have carpet floor mats or if you live in an area with high humidity.

    Step 4:

    Using either a wet or dry vacuum, vacuum the dried cleaner residue of the surface of your carpet. Also take this opportunity to generally vacuum off any dust and debris found inside your car, to ensure that the interior of your car remains as clean as possible.

    Step 5:

    Repeat the above-mentioned steps on all areas with salt stains, until no more stains remain.


    Though you may prefer one method over the other, it is not uncommon to have to repeat the process with a mix of both just so your carpet comes out as clean as possible. Have patience when you do the cleaning, as salt stains can be difficult to remove, though they do eventually wash out.

    Remember, always scrub gently so you don’t worsen the situation; and have faith that with time and patience, your car floor mat or carpet can look as good as new!

    How To Select The Right Car Mat Info 07-Dec-2020 The Right Car Mat For You

    If you’re a car owner, you may find your car dirty no matter how often you clean it. From food crumbs to drink spillages from the toddlers to pet hair, messes eventually occur in your car, leading to an accumulation of dirt and grime over time. To keep your car’s interior looking at its best, a car floor mat is a must-have item. Car floor mats can be easy to maintain by removing them for cleaning before replacing them in the car.

    The car mats not only protect your car floor from all sorts of dirt and grime but also adds to safety as items placed within are less likely to slip around should an anti-slip mat be used. The mat of your choice should also be durable and comfortable enough for daily use. With so many different options available on the market, and with choices ranging from floor mat material to the design, style and price, we give you an overview of some of the best mats available. If you need a floor mat for your car, Simply car mats has your back. For the best fit, enter your car reg and we will tell you the right mats for your car.

    Points to ponder before committing to a mat How many mats do you need?

    It is usually the norm for floor mats to come in a set of two, four or five mats, with the former costing the least. Floor mats which come in a set of four are the most commonly available, with two mats for the front and two for the passenger sitting area behind. For mats which come in sets of five, the last mat is meant for the trunk of an SUV or truck. Keep these in mind when deciding how many mats you need to purchase.

    Mat Material

    Carpet floor mats undoubtedly look nicer and more sophisticated than their rubber counterparts but are also more prone to wear and tear. Though the former option absorbs smell and grime, the latter is easier to clean and maintain as dirt and grime stay on its surface. Also, rubber mats look new for a longer period of time as compared to the more trendy carpet mats.

    The fit of the mat

    As their name suggests, universal car floor mats are meant to fit within most standard vehicles. They are often cut smaller than the intended area of protection and hence may not fit your car like a glove. On the contrary, custom mats are designed to perfectly fit your vehicle model. As they fit the entire surface properly despite the presence of wheel mouldings or other interior design features, it should come at no surprise that they are also more costly.


    The usual method is to purchase a floor mat which matches the interior colour of your vehicle’s fittings. However, there are also other ways to approach this. With textures or eye-catching designs available, it is worth considering if you prefer car floor mats which blend in or which pop out to catch attention.

    Best Car Mats You Can Get

    Now that you have some of these tips in mind, read on to find out four of the best car mats available:

    1. Best overall mat: Armor All 4pc All-Season Rubber Floor Mat Set
      This mat set is an all-rounder which has a universal fit, and it’s suitable for use all year-round no matter the season. Made of durable materials, this mat can withstand even the most extreme of temperatures. With an anti-slip backing on its underside, the mat is also not subject to sliding around within the car. Spills are also contained due to a raised edge which surrounds the mat.
    2. Best carpet option: OxGord 4pc Mat Set Carpet Floor
      Looking for a carpet option? OxGord’s full set carpet floor with four pieces is your best bet. The hardy mats are made with good quality carpet and will serve you for a long time to come. The universal fit of this set means it fits a majority of vehicles. Maintenance of the mats can be done by washing with water, though the stain and weather resistance of this mat means that cleaning may have to be done frequently lest the carpeting starts to give off foul odours.
    3. Most Aesthetically Pleasing: BDK Universal Fit 4pc Mat Set
      BDK’s universal fit 4pc floor mat set is our car mat of choice when it comes to a stylish and trendy mat. Available in four loud colours, the mats are of a universal fit and can be used in most vehicles. An anti-skid rubber backing ensures that the mat stays where you want it to be.
    4. Most durable: Motor Trend FlexTough Rubber Floor Mats
      Motor Trend’s heavy-duty floor mats are ideal if you lead a rugged lifestyle, as these mats have been put through extreme conditions to ensure their integrity even under the harshest of conditions. The mats guard against debris and spillage, alongside mud, rain and snow. Having second thoughts if such a mat will be comfortable? Rest assured that comfort wasn’t compromised, as ergonomic grooves on the upper side mean that traction and comfort are available to tired feet, while rubberised nibs on the bottom side ensures that the mat doesn’t slip around when in use. The best part is that this mat can be cut to fit the shape of your car’s interior.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Gone out to buy yourself a mat already? Perhaps you’re still on the fence? Here are some FAQs you may have about your newest purchase:

    What is that bad smell coming from my car mats?

    That is probably the rubber from your car mats. Rubber mats usually have a chemical odour which ought to lessen as time passes. Air out your mats in an open area for faster dissipation of the odour.

    Money is tight. Can I do without car mats?

    You could do that, but it might lead to more spending in the future if you need to fix your car’s interior due to scratches, spills or rusting which can occur.


    Congratulations! You now know everything there is to know about the importance of car floor mats and how to choose one that suits your needs. Run down to your nearest automotive shop and grab one today!

    Floor Mats For Your Car: How They Can Help You Info 02-Nov-2020 Benefits Of Using Car Mats

    Your car was probably expensive, so it makes sense that you would want to keep it in top condition. An often overlooked aspect of car interiors is the surface of the interior. Damages and dirty carpets are common if you don’t protect your car with car mats. With various types of floor mats available in the market for cars to protect the interior of your car, we bring you an overview of the types available and which might suit you best. [SEOL=12,Simply Car Mats] is your solution for keeping the floor of your car clean and damage-free.

    Having floor mats are essential to relieving you of the stress of scratches or dirt that make your car look old and grimy. Keeping that in mind, it is important to choose a mat that is able to withstand some wear and tear whilst keeping your car protected.

    Car mats are designed for various purposes, so you need to ensure that the mat you choose is suited to your needs while remaining affordable. For instance, if you need a mat to protect your car from incline weather conditions, then a car mat that is waterproof might be your mat of choice, as opposed to an anti-slip mat more suited to trucks or vans which keep the goods they are transporting in place.

    The most important tip when choosing a car mat isn’t its design, size or shape. Instead, it is important to select one that can be easily installed or removed. It is common to only use car mats for the sitting areas, however; you should consider using floor mats in the car boot to keep goods inside from sliding around, while at the same time protecting your car from scratches that may be caused through wear and tear.

    Types of Floor Mats Available on the Market

    Car mats are usually made of heavy-duty material such as rubber or plastic which are sturdy and can be used for various purposes. The more common types of material used for floor mats are seen below.

    1. Fabric
      If you don’t have a high budget, consider getting a fabric mat, though it is important to remember that mats of a lower price often also have fewer benefits to them.
      Since it was first produced, fabric mats have been the default option for most car owners and are likely to remain the cheapest for years to come. Amongst the various car mats available, however, fabric mats are the highest risk of discolouration.
      As mentioned, the drawbacks associated with a fabric mat are its limited functions as societal trends change.
      Fabric mats often come in various colours and style to suit your preferences, from something shocking to something more muted. They also come with a rubber cover to ensure the mat stays in place.
      These mats are usually available in standard sizes and can be placed in most types of cars.
      Removal for cleaning is easy, but must be done regularly. This, unfortunately, leads to fading of colours, and thus, value.
    2. Rubber
      Rubber floor mats are often of a higher quality than their fabric counterparts. This type of floor mat is exceptional for its weather resistance and uncontested durability.
      Made of thick, hard rubber, these type of floor mats have a long usage period as they can endure harsh weather.
      Moreover, they are also easy to clean and maintain due to their dust and water resistance. They also protect the car carpet against roadway sand, which can hasten the wear and tear process. The mat also stays in place.
      However, rubber mats get dirty easily due to their dust and water resistance and are also more costly than fabric mats. Rubber mats are also less trendy than fabric mats.
    3. 3D Floor Mats
      Looking for something to jazz up your car? Your ideal mat would be a 3D mat. Though expensive, it is certainly worth every penny as it gives a premium fit to your car. Available in most neutral colours, it carries the dust, water and mud, thereby protecting your carpet from them.
      As 3D mats are waterproof, they will have to be routinely cleaned and maintained.
      The fit of your mat is easily adjustable to ensure that it does not hinder your drive. This is the best option for car owners looking for something that fits their car like a glove, and to go along with any internal decor.
      The drawback however would be its high price. Be prepared before making any inquiries to avoid wasting your time.
    4. Nomad Mats
      If you are keen to own a mat which is custom-made, consider the Nomad mats.
      Nomad mats come in various styles and colours and are made of lasting materials which stay in place, ensuring your driving comfort and convenience.
      Unlike other types of car mats, the Nomad mats are able to absorb water, mud and dirt quickly, protecting your car against even insects. Easy to clean and maintain, this mat type does not need to be regularly cleaned.
    5. Vinyl
      When it comes to the convenience of driving, the weather is an important factor affecting your experience. It is never fun to drive in bad weather, and here is where the All-weather vinyl mats come in handy.
      Made of thick vinyl, this mat type is hardier than even regular rubber mats. They suit even the most extreme weather conditions, and you can rest assure that the effects of bad weather such as slippery pedals or mud in the carpet are minimised by using a vinyl mat.
    6. Transparent Plastic
      Unique and affordable, this floor mat is impressive and easy to install, clean and maintain inside your car.
      The plastic mat ensures that your carpet stays dry and is not at risk of water damage. It also prevents snow from melting through to the carpet and prevents surface rust from occurring.

    We can’t stress enough the importance of car mats in keeping your car’s interior protected. Keep an eye on prices while you choose one that suits your needs best.

    Being in an area of high footfall, floor mats are bound to be subjected to damage. It is hence important to maintain them regularly and replace them over time. Maintenance is the secret to a long-lasting mat.

    Now that you know more about the various car mats available, don’t wait any longer! Go get one today!

    Cleaning Your Car Mats Help 05-Oct-2020 Guide To Cleaning Car Mats

    It doesn’t matter how meticulous you are about ensuring that your car is spotlessly clean inside, it’s just a matter of time before dirt and grime accumulate and the occasional crumb or drink spill occurs. Though the effects of these can be mitigated by keeping some paper towels or wet wipes handy, a bit more effort is needed if you want to ensure your car looks like it was the day you got it from the showroom. Do so by thoroughly cleaning your car floor mats.

    The area of your car which is subject to the most accumulation of grime is the car floor, as dirt and dust which is stuck to your shoe soles, spillage from that snack or slushie and loose debris from anything that has been in your car accumulates on the floor. Regardless of the material of your car floor mat — be it rubber or cloth, the residue will be retained. Start your cleanup process by first getting rid of any visible items on the floor, before cleaning the floor mats for a complete cleanup. [SEOL=12,Simply Car Mats] is the best choice for new car mats.

    If you’ve got floor mats made of rubber:

    This choice of floor mat material is prevalent in areas with chillier climates, and where rain and snow are common. The waterproof rubber mats ensure that moisture cannot seep through to spoil the car’s interior, and is able to dry off quickly. The downside to this is that dust and dirt accumulate as time passes. Follow these six steps for easy cleaning of your rubber mats:

    1. Take the mats out of the car. In the cleaning process, water and harsh cleaning products will be used. Remove your mats before you do the cleaning to ensure that the water and chemicals do not get into your car mat.
    2. Hit the mat against a hard surface or the ground to allow debris to be removed. Use a scraper to scrape off any stubborn materials which remain stuck to the surface.
    3. Hose down the mat with a pressurised water hose. This should displace any loose dirt or crumbs. Ensure that the side which comes into contact with the car floor is not washed. Only the dirty side facing upwards should be hosed down.
    4. Add soap to the floor map with a rag or spray bottle. If unavailable, substitute the soap and water with wet wipes, sanitiser spray or even a mixture of baking soda with soap. This gets the grime off the mats.
    5. Using a hose, thoroughly rinse the soap off.
    6. Ensure that the mats are fully dried before replacing them in the car. If needed, hang them on a wire, hanger, railing or chair to allow the mats to air dry.
    If you’ve got floor mats made of cloth:

    More effort may be needed to clean car mats made of cloth compared to their rubber counterparts, and this is worsened if the mats are already wet. If your cloth mats have been left wet for a while and were never properly dried, it is not uncommon for an odour to be noticed. Tough stains may also reveal themselves on cloth mats. Read on for how to give your cloth mats a proper cleaning.

    1. Take the mats out of the car. Similar to the rubber mats, water and harsh cleaning products will be used. Removal of the mats to do the cleaning ensures that these items do not get into your car. It is also easier to use a vacuum outside of a car compared inside, where the car seats will get in your way.
    2. Using a vacuum, ensure both sides of the mats are vacuumed to get rid of any dirt or grime on the surface.
    3. Mix baking soda with water and rub it into the upholstery. This ensures that stains and unpleasant odours are removed. A stiff brush may also be used to aid you in scrubbing the mat.
    4. Use something soapy. These could be easily made by adding two tablespoons of washing powder to two tablespoons of shampoo. A stiff brush should then be used to scrub the mat with this mixture. If you have a spray cleaner, use that and wait 30 minutes so the cleaning solution has time to sit in the mat and be absorbed. Use a hand brush if desired to ensure the cleaner is properly absorbed by the mats. A spray carpet cleaner is usually available for purchase at most garages or car shops.
    5. Wash the mat clean of the solution used by using a steam cleaner, power wash or a washing machine. At car washes, it should be easy to find the former two. If you prefer a cheap alternative, simply stick the mats in your washing machine and run it as you would a usual laundry load.
    6. Vacuum the mats for the second time. This helps to suction off moisture and any dirt particles which may still remain. A regular vacuum will work for this purpose, though a vacuum specially designed for moisture sucking will be the optimal option.
    7. Ensure that the mats are fully dried before replacing them in the car, lest a damp odour occurs. If needed, hang them on a wire, hanger, railing or chair to allow the mats to air dry, or toss them in the dryer if you want to save time.
    Cleaning products to consider

    Options are aplenty when it comes to the soap used for your car floor mat. From regular laundry detergent to shampoo, they all serve the purpose of getting the grime out of your mats. If you are thinking of getting something meant specifically to clean your car floor mats, here are some recommendations:

    • Automotive Carpet Cleaners: Available in a spray bottle, these cleaners are easily found at most car shops.
    • Blue Coral DC22 Upholstery Cleaner Dri-Clean Plus: With odour-elimination technology, this cleaner comes with an integrated brush cap which can be used to brush out the debris and dirt particles in your mat.
    • Car Guys Premium Super Cleaner: This odourless cleaner is water-based and doesn’t leave residue behind to boot.
    • Turtle Wax T-246Ra Power Out! Upholstery Cleaner: This cleaner beats out its competitors by not only having odour-elimination technology but also being soil-repellent. The cleaner comes with a scrub brush that is detachable for easy cleaning of your car floor mats.

    If you find that your car mats are worse for wear, it’s time to either clean or change them out for new ones. Remember that depending on what type of car mat you have, you will need to use different methods to clean them efficiently.

    BMW X2 Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The BMW X2 is one of the most recent additions to the BMW lineup, and it sits within the excellent existing range of BMW SUVs. It’s one of the smallest within the BMW ‘X’ lineup, and although it is similar to the even smaller BMW X1, the X2 provides a much more aggressive design and a more purposeful look on the road. It’s a vehicle which is perfectly placed to lure family motorists out of hatchbacks and into the more premium SUV sector, without having to drive a road going tank. The BMW X2 is easy to live with as well, it’s very practical and is useful for all kinds of tasks and can easily transport families with luggage and those versions equipped with X-drive, BMW’s four wheel drive system also benefit from extra grip and performance when the weather conditions turn, and although this X2 cannot be considered as a true off road vehicle - it’s ideal for winter conditions and muddy car parks. Competitors to the X2 include the Audi Q2 and the Mercedes GLA - and the X2 does really well against the competition, providing a fantastic package and strong value for money. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of BMW X2 Car Mats, which are available in both carpet and rubber options. Carpet mats are the most popular, as you would expect with a luxury vehicle such as the X2. Customers choosing carpet mats can benefit from a massive number of mat personalisations as well - and throughout the buying process on our site you can choose between different carpet thicknesses, carpet colours, carpet edging colours as well as custom embroidery. You can view the full range above, and if you have any questions about the range - please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. BMW i3 Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The BMW i3 has been out for a number of years now, and was absolutely revolutionary when it launched - kicking many other car makers into designing and manufacturing a fully electric hatchback. Sitting firmly in the luxury car sector, the i3 is now in its second iteration - featuring a redesign and upgraded and updated LED lighting. The update also included the reveal of a sportier i3, which featured extra power, different choice of interior trim and sports suspension - properly harnessing the power of the electric motor. The i3 also has a surprisingly good amount of room inside the cabin, with room in the vehicle for four- and there’s a boot and a small load area at the front of the vehicle. Inside, the vehicle feels really roomy, thanks to the absence of the traditional gearstick area. It’s a quick vehicle as well, and although it produces less than 170bhp - that performance is instantly available. Some of the rivals to the i3 include the E-Golf and Nissan Leaf, although the BMW provides a much more refined package. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of fully tailored car mats for the i3 - these include carpet and rubber mats, although we sell far more i3 carpet mats than rubber variants. Customers choosing carpet mats can also choose between a wide range of different choices, including carpet colour, carpet edging, carpet thickness and also custom embroidery - allowing you to match the mats to your vehicle perfectly. At SCM, we never sell ‘universal’ fitting car mats which fail to protect the interior of the vehicle, look unsightly and can cause accidents by sliding underneath the pedals of the vehicle. You can view the full range above, and as always - please do get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection. BMW Z4 Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The very first BMW Z4 was launched in 2002, to replace the BMW Z3. At the point of the Z4 being launched there were only powerful petrol engines being available, which was a big change to the somewhat underpowered BMW Z3. The Z4 goes up against all kinds of rivals, from the Porsche Boxster at the premium end of the competition, right across to the Mazda MX-5. As the Z4 range matured, more petrol engine choices were made available, with the M-Sport derived 3.2 Litre engine which produced 343bhp sitting at the top of the range. On the road the BMW Z4 performs as good as it looks - with an engaging drive being available, of course with the option of driving with the roof down for the full cabriolet experience. In 2009, hardtops began to dominate the Z4 range, providing a more substantial and more secure folding hard top like the one found in the original Mercedes SLK. Production of the Z4 stopped in 2016, with the expected release of a Z5 replacement. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of BMW Z5 car mats, which provide the perfect levels of protection for the difficult to clean and expensive to replace interior carpet of the vehicle. Rubber and carpet mats are available, although it’s only really Z4 carpet mats which we receive orders for. In our opinion, these are the best types of mats for such luxury sporty vehicles, and customers choosing carpet mats can choose between a wide range of customisation - ranging from carpet colour, carpet edging, carpet thickness as well as custom embroidery. All of these mats are fully fitted, so provide the perfect amount of coverage required to protect the interior of the vehicle, these mats also look fantastic - providing an OEM appearance, keeping the interior of your Z4 looking incredibly smart. You can view the full range above, and as always - get in touch if you have any questions or any unique requirements. BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The BMW 4 Series was introduced in 2013, and it’s been a very popular choice with motorists since. It benefited from an mid-life refresh in 2017 which sharpened up the looks - adding the latest in BMW’s impressive LED lighting technology, as well as squeezing extra power out of the existing range of engines. The 4 Series GC is a typical BMW product, it’s incredibly well made and is engaging and exciting to drive - and rivals of this vehicle include the Audi A5 sportback. In the four series GC, there’s plenty of room in the front, with rear legroom being sacrificed slightly to accommodate the coupe style of the vehicle. There is however a decent size boot, so carrying family luggage and other stuff is not a problem. The boot opens hatchback style so it’s easy to use, and the rear seats also fold down to reveal a gargantuan load area. There’s plenty of engine choices and trims to choose from, with powerful petrol and diesel engines available. At the top of the range is the 440i which produces over 325 break horse power. It’s a car which is at home on motorways as much as it is on twisty B-roads, and there’s a choice of rear wheel drive and all wheel drive available. There’s plenty of grip whatever drivetrain you choose, and the car has an impressive array of driver aids and safety equipment. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of fully tailored BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Mats. These mats have all been specifically designed to fit perfectly into each variant of the Four Series, ensuring that the interior carpet of the vehicle remains protected from dirt, grime and day to day wear and tear. As well as protecting the expensive to replace and difficult to clean interior carpet. Rubber and carpet mats are available, with carpet mats being the most popular choice for luxury vehicles such as this. Those customers choosing carpet mats will benefit from being able to personalise their mats throughout the buying process on our site, choosing their carpet colour, carpet thickness, carpet edging colour as well as choosing to have custom embroidery on the mat itself. You can view the full range above, and as always - please do get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Mercedes C-Class Estate Car & Boot Mats Online | Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes C-Class was introduced in 1993 as a replacement for the 190 (W201). The C-Class has defined the compact executive market in recent times, with the competition to the C-Class including the iconic BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. The C-Class was the smallest Mercedes within the lineup, until the introduction of the A-Class, and the C-Class has grown in size since. The estate version of the C-Class is one of the most capable and diverse vehicles in the Mercedes lineup. Five passengers can travel in complete comfort with luggage, and these vehicles make for the perfect vehicle for family and lifestyle users. There’s always been a range of engine and trim levels available across this estate car, with a mixture of petrol and diesel engines providing the right balance between economy and performance. For those wanting the perfect blend between practical and performance, the C-class estate has numerous AMG versions, which feature motosport performance in an estate car package. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply a range of fully tailored c-class car mats and boot mats - in both rubber and carpet options. Most often, owners of C-Class estates choose carpet mats - which are available in different versions, customers of ours can choose different carpet thickness, different carpet edging, as well as carpet colour and custom embroidery. Although plenty of options are available, we only supply fully tailored mats which completely cover and protect the expensive to replace, and difficult to clean interior carpet of the vehicle. You can view the full range above and as always - just get in touch if you have any questions about the collection, or if you have any unique car mat requirements. Mercedes E-Class Coupe Car Mats | Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes E-Class Coupe is one of the best cars that Mercedes produce, with heritage in the Mercedes lineup which has stretched back all the way to 1968. The E-Class of recent years was born out of the CLK lineup, it’s long been one of the most stylish models within the Mercedes range. The E-Class Coupe is a true coupe as well, it’s only available in a two door variation with four seats. There is a range of trims and engines available within the range, including petrol and diesel engines which provide the right balance between performance and economy. In the most recent variation of the E-Class coupe, four wheel drive models are also available using the 4MATIC technology. Competitors to the E-Class include the A5 coupe, 4 Series BMW, 6 Series BMW and the Audi A7. The E-Class is designed for comfortable cruising, although there are still crazy versions available thanks to AMG’s motorsport wing - AMG. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of car mats to fit the E-Class coupe, covering front floor spaces and rear, as well as the boot. Rubber and carpet mats are available, although carpet mats are the most popular options for a luxurious vehicle such as the E-Class. Customers who opt for E-Class carpets can benefit from a massive range of options and customisations, including carpet thickness, carpet colour, carpet edging as well as custom embroidery. As well as looking fantastic, these mats protect the difficult to clean and expensive to replace interior carpet of the E-Class coupe. You can view the full range above, and as always - if you have any questions or any unique car mat requirements - please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help. Mercedes CLS Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes CLS is one of the most striking cars produced by Mercedes, it’s a car which according to Mercedes ‘combines the elegance and dynamism of a coupe with the comfort and functionality of a saloon’ This is marketing speak for a really great looking four door saloon car, or alternatively, a practical alternative to two door coupes. The CLs, introduced over 20 years ago now - was the very first four door saloon/coupe hybrid and has set the standard since. Inside of the CLS, buyers can expect a very high specification interior with plenty of creature comforts as standard - it feels inside like you would expect an E-Class or S-Class to feel - and this car goes up against competition such as the Audi A7, VW Arteon, Jaguar XF and most closely, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. The CLS has always been a quick vehicle, with powerful diesel and petrol engines available across the range - at the top of the range, there’s the AMG version of the CLS - which provides monstrous levels of performance. Most drivers are happy with the diesel engines, which provide the perfect balance between power and economy. This car comes into its own on longer journeys, where it effortlessly soaks up the miles in complete luxury and comfort. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent array of fully tailored CLS mats, encompassing both floor mats and boot mats. These mats are available in both rubber and carpet variants, with carpet mats being the most popular type of mat to choose from, which is to be expected in a luxury vehicle such as the CLS. Customers choosing carpet mats for their CLS can choose between a massive number of different options and variants, able to choose carpet colour, carpet edging, carpet thickness and custom embroidery. These mats have been designed to fit perfectly, ensuring that the difficult to clean, and expensive to replace interior carpet of the CLS is well looked after. As well as looking after the interior of the vehicle, these mats also look fantastic - providing OEM levels of quality. Although we have over 30,000 different mats available, we never stock or supply ‘universal’ fitting car mats which fail to protect the interior of the vehicle, and can slide underneath the pedals of the vehicle - causing an accident. You can view our full range of CLS mats above, and as always - please do get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection. Mercedes EQC Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes EQC is a battery powered SUV which has been designed to rival the likes of the Audi E-Tron and the Jaguar I-Pace. It’s further proof that electric vehicles are becoming the future, with all of the big car brands not only producing electric vehicles, but also spending a huge amount of time designing and developing a range of electric SUVs. The EQC is the first full electric Mercedes, with all other electric Mercedes being available alongside more traditional petrol and diesel engines. About the same size as the GLC - the electric motors in the EQC provide plenty of performance for most. Inside of the EQC feels like you are sitting in a properS?U?B and there’s plenty of standard equipment on offer within the range, all models have a reversing camera and parking sensors. Inside, the interior is very upmarket with plenty of nice materials on show, including leather and polished metal. As it’s a large vehicle, there’s no issues with fitting plenty of people and stuff in there, and this vehicle is the perfect family car, as well as company car - with the electric vehicle providing good benefit in kind rates for company car drivers. At Simply Car Mats, we have designed and manufactured an excellent range of floor mats and boot mats for the Mercedes EQC. These mats have been designed to fit the EQC perfectly, covering the expensive to replace and difficult to clean interior carpets of the vehicle. These carpets are available in both rubber and carpet variations. Those choosing carpet mats, can choose between a whole host of different mat options, such as carpet thickness, carpet edging options, carpet colour and even custom embroidery. Although we have so many different mats, we never supply ‘universal fitting’ mats which do a terrible job of protecting the interior of the vehicle, whilst also potentially causing an accident by riding up underneath the pedals of the vehicle. You can view the full range of mats above, and as always - please do get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection. Mercedes Citan Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes Citan is a first for Mercedes - a small commercial vehicle. It’s the first small van to wear the Mercedes badge, and it’s a result of the collaboration on commercial vehicles between Mercedes & Renault. Although Mercedes and Renault may be different brands, with Mercedes being the most prestigious - it’s easy to see why Mercedes chose Renault to partner with, the Citan is based on one of the world’s most popular vans, the Renault Kangoo. The Mercedes Citan, although the smallest van in the Mercedes range - comes in three different sizes, including a five seater crew van and tourer variants which can have up to seven seats. The Citan is powered by a 1.5 litre diesel engine, which can be specified in a 94bhp or 114 bhp version. The interior of the van is a strong point in the segment, with a smart and useful interior being used. Standard equipment across the range includes cruise control, speed limiter as well as bluetooth radio. Comfort Pack, which is an optional extra adds on luxuries such as air conditioning, armrest as well as parking sensors and electric door mirrors. The extras list continues to encompass sat-nav, DAB Radio as well as a reversing camera. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of fully tailored car mats for all variants of the Mercedes Citan. These mats are available in both rubber and carpet options, with customers choosing between these two types depending upon the usage of the van. Those using these vans as company cars and transport may use carpet mats, whilst those working in construction and building sites would be best suited to rubber mats. If you choose carpet mats, you can choose between a wide number of options, from carpet thickness, carpet edging colour, carpet colour and also custom embroidery. All of the Mercedes Citan Mats that we supply, are fully tailored - protecting the difficult to clean interior of the van. We never supply universal mats, which not only fail to protect the interior of the vehicle, but also slide around the surface floor of the vehicle - in some cases ending up underneath the pedals of the vehicle causing an accident. You can view the full range above, and as always - please get in touch if you have any questions. Mercedes GLS Car Mats Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes GLS started life as the Mercedes GL - a massive SUV which was launched back in 2006. It’s rivals include the Audi Q7 - and the GLS was facelifted in 2012 with revised looks, extra technology and an even more luxurious appointment and feel inside. In 2014, as part of the shake up to the full Mercedes SUV range, the GL became known as the Mercedes GLA - with another facelift, released in 2016. First and foremost, the GLS is a seven seat SUV which is designed to take seven people in comfort, almost anywhere - off road or on road. All GLS models are incredibly well equipped, as they should be with a starting price in excess of £73k. Some of the most notable models include the grand edition GLS, which features a host of Mercedes extra equipment, including the Active Curve System which fights body roll in corners and enhances ride comfort, some models also receive the closing aid for doors and the boot of the vehicle. Inside, heated and ventilated seats are available, as is climate control for all passengers and rear sun blinds, perfect for those using the GLS as their family wagon. There’s a range of engines available, including petrol and diesel options. Diesel is the most popular choice for economical reasons, and all models of the GLS come with four wheel drive as standard. The most bonkers version of the GLS is the 5.5 litre V8 engine which is found in the GLS 63 AMG - which gets the GLS to 60 in just 4.4 seconds. Inside of the vehicle, as you would expect - the GLS is incredibly comfortable and a brilliant place to be. At SCM, we stock and supply a range of fully tailored car mats for the GLS - fitting perfectly into the footwells of the vehicle as well as the boot. These mats are available in both carpet and rubber options, with the carpet mats being most suited to the luxurious interior, but the rubber mats offering a tough option for those families and individuals who use the GLS fully as a lifestyle vehicle. These mats are available to order online, and can be customised in a wide range of different styles and types. As part of the usual buying cycle, customers of ours can choose between different carpet thickness, carpet edging colours, carpet colours as well as custom embroidery. You can view the full range above, and please do get in touch if you have any questions about the collection. Mercedes ML Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The M Class, more commonly known as the ML class in recent years - was released into the market back in 1997 and can stand proudly as the first of the SUV’s in the Mercedes lineup - which is now massive. The latest generation of the ML was released in 2012 and went head to head with competition such as the Audi Q7 and the Range Rover Sport. The Mercedes ML became known for being an incredibly comfortable and smart ride, with four wheel drive across the range and real off road ability. The ML also earned a reputation for being efficient and economical as far as gas guzzling SUV’s go. As with all Mercedes, luxury and standard equipment was very good - and the ML features plenty of safety kit. Although the M-Class is a large car, it feels good on the road and optional air suspension on some models improve the rider further - helping minimise body roll which plagues SUV’s. On the inside of the ML, there’s plenty of room and comfort - and these SUVs are very popular with family motorists, looking for safe and reliable motoring. There’s a range of engines available in the ML - peaking at the ML63 which provides 525bhp with a 5.5 litre V8 - which is a fantastic package. The M-Class was discontinued in 2015, although the GLE which replaced it was more or less just a revised and updated version of the ML. There’s a few cosmetic tweaks but not much else. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of both carpet and rubber mats for the Mercedes ML, covering front and back footwells as well as a range of boot mats. These cars can take a real hammering on the inside from pets and active lifestyles, and these mats have been designed to protect the expensive to replace and difficult to clean interior carpet of the vehicle. All of these mats are available to customise and personalise around your exact requirements, with different carpet colours, carpet edging options, carpet thickness and embroidery all being available. You can view the full range above, and as always - please do get in touch if you have any other requirements. Mercedes GLA Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes GLA is best described as a beefed up, all wheel drive version of the incredibly popular Mercedes A-Class hatchback. Although related there, there’s more than a few striking differences on the outside and the inside of this SUV to tell them apart. The design of the GLA is more tough and rugged than the regular A-Class, with black cladding emphasising the ride height being lifted compared to the A-Class by 30mm. Although still in its first iteration, the GLA was facelifted in 2017 with new headlights and bumper design. Standard equipment across the GLA is very good, all models benefit from chrome exhausts, alloy wheels and upgrades sto sports models allow drive select, as well as available sat nav, heated seats, auto dim mirrors and LED lights. Options continue across the model, which can easily put the GLA into 40k plus territory. At the top of the range, sits the GLA45 AMG, where Mercedes motorsports arm have tweaked and played with the GLA to provide an outstanding sports car in an SUV package. The GLA is one of the most capable small cars on the market, and as such - these vehicles end up incredibly well used by families and those with a sense of adventure alike, especially those models with four wheel drive. To help protect the interior of your GLA protected from the stresses and strains of everyday life - as well as accident spillages and accidents by the kids - we stock and supply an excellent range of GLA car mats which fit the floorspace of the GLA perfectly, protecting the expensive to replace and difficult to clean interior carpet. We also provide boot mats for the GLA range to protect the boot from everything from dogs and muddy boots, to the weekly shop. All of the mats that we supply are fully tailored to each variant and year of the GLA - and customers can choose between a massive number of different options, including carpet thickness, carpet colour, carpet edging - as well as custom embroidery to personalise the mats. You can view the full range above, and as ever - if you have any questions or any unique mat requirements, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Mercedes GLC Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes GLC is one of the most popular midsize SUVs on the road and the GLC is a successor to the GLK which never made it to our shores here in Britain. The GLC is best described as a C-Class saloon on stilts, it shares much of the same design aims and components, and the GLC is bigger than the smaller GLA and GLB Mercedes models, whilst sitting underneath the Mercedes GLE. A relatively young model in the Mercedes lineup (which stretches back a fair way!) the Mercedes GLC was released in 2015 and goes head to head with models such as the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3. There’s two different versions of the GLC available, there’s a standard SUV and also a SUV coupe. The coupe version has a more sloping roofline and sporty look, it’s also more expensive. There’s a range of engine options and trims available, with petrol and diesels available. At the top of the range, there’s two AMG versions, a 43 and a 63, producing 362bhp and 503bhp using V6 and V8 engines. Recently facelifted in 2020, the GLC benefited from some mild updates including new technology and revisions in the design. On the road, all variations of the GLC are very comfortable, although a more involved drive is only really available with the AMG variants. These SUV’s are used for all kinds of different uses, and they are owned by a large number of motorists who use these vehicles for all different kinds of journeys. They are popular with lifestyle users as well as family car drivers, so the interior of these luxury vehicles can take a real hammering in day to day use. To help keep your GLC in the very best possible condition, we stock and supply an excellent range of fully tailored car mats - which fit perfectly in the passenger footwells - covering the expensive to replace and difficult to clean interior carpet. As well as being the perfect car mat for protecting the floor of the carpet, these mats have been designed to look fantastic - perfectly complimenting the luxurious interior of the GLC. Customers can choose between all kinds of different options for their GLC mats - including different carpet thicknesses, different carpet colours, different carpet edging and even custom embroidery. You can view the full range above, including GLC boot mats and also rubber mats. If you have any questions about the collection, please just get in touch. Mercedes SL Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes SL is the pinnacle of luxury coupe/convertible motoring, it’s a two seater convertible grand tourer which has been in existence for over 60 years, making it one of Mercedes longest running production cars. The vehicle offers excellent levels of performance, comfort and luxury in an understated package which will be appreciated by those looking to fly under the radar. The very first SL Was the 300SL gullwing, which had doors which opened up over, much in the same way that the doors on the SLS supercar do now. This car was in existence from 1954 to 1957 and it was replaced by the 300SL Roadster, which was the exact same car, but featured a folding fabric roof, production of this car ran to 1963. Other models within the lineup over the next few decades included the W113 Sl which was known as the Pagoda, as well as the R107 and the R129, in 2002 the R230 was launched, with a folding hard top which was originally debuted with the SLK. In 2011 the R230 went on sale, and in 2013 it was replaced with the R231. Rivals to the Mercedes Sl include anything from the BMW 6 Series Convertible, right across to the Jaguar F-Type. Today, there are four SL models within the lineup, with the SL 400 being the entry level model, which has a 3 litre twin turbocharged V6 sitting at the front of it. There’s also a 4.6 litre V8 available, with two incredibly quick AMG models available - a V8 powered SL63 and the V12 powered SL65. At Simply Car Mats, we design and supply an excellent range of fully tailored car mats for the Mercedes SL. These car mats have been specifically designed to fit the footwells of the Mercedes SL. These mats do an excellent job of protecting the hard to clean, and expensive to replace interior carpet of the Mercedes SL. Unlike poorly fitting ‘universal mats’ these fully tailored mats remain in place, and do not slide around the floor of the car - which in some cases, when mats can slide underneath the pedals of the vehicle, can cause an accident. All of these mats are also available to personalise, with different carpet thicknesses, carpet colours, carpet edging colour and custom embroidery all being available to choose throughout the simple buying process on our website. For customers looking for a more rugged and harder wearing mat, rubber mats are also available for the Mercedes Sl. Boot mats are also available to purchase within the collection. You can view the full range of Mercedes SL Mats above, and as always - please get in touch if you have any questions. Mercedes SLC Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes SLC is the renamed, and very slightly tweaked new version of the Mercedes SLK. The SLC remains the smallest convertible and roadster in the Mercedes range, although renamed it remains true to the original design of the SLK - and it still has the once revolutionary folding hard top roof. A range of petrol and diesel engines are available, with the most bonkers being the twin turbo V6 in the SLC 43. The SLC however has been designed more for comfort than all out performance, and the SLC is best described as the smaller version of the larger SL. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of fully tailored Mercedes SLC mats - which look fantastic, and also do an excellent job of keeping the interior carpet of the vehicle both clean, and protected from the wear and tear of everyday use. The interior carpet of a vehicle should always be protected by mats, protecting resale values and keeping the car in excellent condition inside, these interior carpets are hard to clean and are also very expensive to replace. Customers have a huge amount of different choices when it comes to the carpets for their vehicle - with the majority of customers driving SLC’s choosing carpet mats over rubber mats which are also available. Different carpet thicknesses are available, and customers can also easily choose between different carpet colours, as well as edging options - custom embroidery is also available across all carpet mats. Although there are plenty of different car mat options to choose from, all of the mats we supply are tailored and fitted to exact vehicle models - we never supply, poorly fitting universal mats which fail to protect the interior of the vehicle, look terrible - and can slide underneath the pedals of the vehicle, potentially causing an accident. You can view the full range of Mercedes SLC car mats above, and as always - if you have any questions about the collection please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Mercedes CL Class Car Mats | Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes CL is the forerunner for the Mercedes S-class Coupe, so that gives you an instant and excellent insight into the purpose of the CL. The Mercedes CL always was the coupe version of the S-Class Saloon, and the CL is about as close as a road going yacht as you can get. Everything that makes the S-Class Saloon so popular, can be found in the CL - just with extra style. There’s some incredible versions of the CL available, there’s a 4.7 litre bi-turbo V8 as well as a CL63 with a 5.5 litre AMG engine and there’s also an even more bonkers CL 65 AMG which delivers a massive 621 bhp. These engines in the CL put the CL against competitors such as the Continental GT which has V8 and V12 engines. The CL can seat four, and there’s also a decent boot, so the Mercedes CL is the perfect car for cruising across continents. At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of car mats for the Mercedes CL - these mats are fully tailored to each version of the CL - so they provide the perfect fit for the floorspace, fully protecting the expensive to replace and difficult to clean interior carpet of the vehicle. As well as providing interior floor mats, we also provide boot mats for the CL range - protecting the boot space as well. There’s a number of different mat variants you can choose from the team here at Simply Car Mats, with both rubber and carpet mats being available for the Mercedes CL. The most popular variants for the sale are carpet CL mats, with thick, luxurious carpet being specified and perfectly suiting the luxurious interior of this vehicle. As well as being able to choose different carpet thicknesses, all of our customers can choose between different carpet colours, carpet edging options as well as custom embroidery. Although we supply variations in the mats that you can order, we never sell poorly fitting and poor quality ‘universal mats’ which fail to protect the interior of the vehicle, and which can potentially cause an accident by slipping and riding up underneath the pedals of the vehicle. You can view the full collection above, and as always - if you have any questions at all please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Mercedes SLK Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes SLK was launched over 20 years ago - and it was the first Mercedes Small Roadster. First released in 1996, it was an instant hit and success - with feedback from the motoring industry calling the SLK ‘innovative’ and ‘attractive’. One of the most instantly recognisable design features of the SLK is the folding sheet metal roof, which provided a balance between a soft top, and a car with a full metal roof. The designers were given with awards for their forward thinking design. In total, there were almost 700,000 SLK’s sold in total, before the SLK was replaced by the SLC in 2016. Over 300,000 units of these sales can be accounted for by the first generation SLK known as the R 170. One of the first main changes to the SLK came in the year 2000, with a new engine being produced known as the 320 - this produced 218 horsepower, with the AMG version being the SLK 32 which produced a massive 354 bhp mated with an automatic transmission. The metal roof made a big difference to how this car drove and felt on the road, with less wind noise and greater protection and insulation with the roof up. A new version of the SLK was launched in 2004, the R 171 and it’s updated looks brought about a number of new technologies, including Airscarf - which is still in use across the Mercedes convertible range. A diesel engine was also introduced for the first time with the R 172 model, the 250 CDI. The SLK was replaced in 2016 with the SLC - but many people’s loyalty and fond memories stay with the SLK. At Simply Car Mats, we design and supply an excellent range of fully tailored car mats for all generations of the Mercedes SLK. These mats have been specifically designed for the SLK - so provides a perfect fit to the interior, protecting the difficult to clean and expensive to replace interior carpet. As well as providing the perfect fit, these mats also provide an OEM look, and there’s plenty of different options to choose from including carpet thickness, carpet colour, custom embroidery and also carpet edging options. Although there are many different models to choose from, we never supply ‘universal fitting’ mats which slide around the surface of the interior, in some cases these mats can slide underneath the pedals of the vehicle, causing an accident. You can view the full range of SLK mats above, and if you have any questions about the range or any specific mat requirements - please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Mercedes S-Class Coupe Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes S-Class has long been one of the most iconic cars in the world, symbolising luxury, success and incredible levels of technology and comfort. The two door S-Class Coupe also carries on a long history at Mercedes of designing and building incredibly luxurious, two door coupe which started way back in the 1930’s. The latest Mercedes S-Class Coupe replaces the CL-Class, which was discontinued back in 2014. Although the S-Class Coupe uses a shorter chassis VS the saloon S-class - it’s still a car with monster proportions - it’s over five metres long and is also available with a soft top. The first generation of the S-class was facelifted in 2018, and the coupe is available with some truly monstrous engine sizes, producing around 450bhp+. Those who are wanting more power for their road going sports yacht should consider the Mercedes-AMG S63 which produces well over 600bhp. The release of an S-Class is usually marked by the release of new technologies, with the S-Class couple benefiting from the new Magic Body Air Suspension which angles the car into a bend to prevent body roll, helping make this vehicle incredibly agile in the bends. An added touch of luxury includes the use of Swarovski Crystals in the LED headlights. Inside of the vehicle, there’s been no expense spared in making this a luxury interior - and there’s no shortage of luxury goodies and technologies - with all S-Class coupes benefiting from a Panoramic roof, which can darken at the touch of a button. The S-Class Coupe can seat four, with two seats in the back divided by a centre console. At Simply Car Mats, we design, stock and supply an excellent range of car mats designed for the S-Class Coupe. There’s a massive range of options to choose from, with thick luxury carpet mats being the most popular choice for drivers of this coupe. As well as choosing between carpet thickness, rubber mat options are also available - and for those choosing carpet mats, carpet colour, carpet edging colour and custom embroidery are all options that can be added during the checkout process. As well as looking fantastic, all of these mats have been designed to fit perfectly into each car they have been designed for, and in doing so - these mats protect the difficult to clean and expensive to replace interior carpet. These mats, unlike ‘universal mats’ stay in place perfectly, protecting the floor and unlike ‘universal fitting mats’ these full fitted mats do not pose a risk to the driver, by riding up underneath the pedals, causing an accident. You can view the full range of car mats above, and as always - if you have any questions about the collection - please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Mercedes Sprinter Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes Sprinter has been around for decades now, helping workmen of all types to get their job done. Building upon the previous success of Mercedes in the commercial vehicle sector, the Sprinter was the first commercial vehicle to be adorned with the famous tristar Mercedes logo. The new logo on the front of the sprinter represented much more than just a new badge - the Sprinter was the first van in the world to feature unibody construction, high traction rear wheel drive, and modern suspension with independent front wheel suspension, powerful engines and car like levels of safety equipment. Since 1995, the number of Sprinters that have been produced has exceeded over 3 million models - with six factories all over the world building the Mercedes Sprinter. Today, there’s a Mercedes Sprinter for every job - there’s three wheelbase options, four length options and three different height variants. For those who travel off road to get the job done, there’s also the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4. A range of engines are available, and Mercedes has stayed true to what it originally did in 1995 on the launch of the Sprinter - powerful engines remain at the forefront of the sprinter range, mated to commercial vehicle specific gearboxes which specialize in excellent power delivery. As expected, Mercedes also gave the sprinter a whole host of safety improvements and advancements which were first in class. At Simply Car Mats, the Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most popular commercial vehicles that we supply to, and as such - we have made sure that we have a very strong offering in this lineup. All Sprinter models and variants are covered, and there’s a range of carpet mats and rubber mats available, covering from 1996 onwards - we also have mats which are special order for the Ocado range. Customers who choose carpet mats for the interior of their Sprinter, can choose between a whole host of options through the buying cycle, including carpet thickness, carpet colour, carpet edging and even custom embroidery. If you have a Mercedes Sprinter mat requirement which you cannot find above, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in further detail. Mercedes S-Class Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes S-Class is one of the most famous vehicles in the Mercedes line up. It’s become a benchmark of German engineering, mainly due to the fact of the fantastic technologies which S-class Mercedes have featured, technologies which become available on other road going cars almost decades in the future. The first Mercedes S-Class as we know it was released in 1978 and it already was packed with technologies never seen before - it was the first production car to benefit from having anti-lock brakes, as well as cruise control, self levelling suspension and was the first car in the world to have a diesel engine. As the models progressed through the 1970’s - V8 engines were added to the lineup, as were new safety features. Massive progress was made in the W140 S-Class, which was the first Mercedes to feature a V12 Engine. From 1995 onwards this model benefited from auto pilot, adaptive damping, double glazing, voice control and Electronic Stability Control. The next S-Class to be released, the W220 featured the first S-Class AMG model - the S55 AMG. This model also had keyless access as well as ventilated seats to add to the goodies already available. Models following on from this benefited from the addition of plane keeping assist, speed limit assist as well as night vision cameras. The latest version of the S-class is quite rightly, the most impressive yet - with a continual road monitoring system which constantly changes the variable suspension to ensure the most comfortable ride possible. There've been over half a million of the most recent S-Class models made since 2013 and it’s a vehicle which can be seen being driven, and driving around the most important people in the world, including almost all world leaders. At Simply Car Mats, we are proud to design and supply an excellent range of car mats designed specifically for the S-Class. Rubber and carpet mats are available, and not surprisingly - carpet mats are the best sellers, especially thick and luxurious carpet mats. All of the mats that we supply online are custom made to each vehicle, which means that we have a mat design available for all variations and ages of the Mercedes S-Class, so if you cannot find the exact mat you are looking for, you can get in touch and we will do our best to help. All of the mats that we supply are fully tailored, and have been designed to look fantastic - whilst providing important protection for the difficult to clean, and expensive to replace interior carpet of a vehicle. These mats, unlike universal fitting mats - are a perfect fit, and again unlike universal fitting mats - do not slide around the floor of the vehicle, causing a distraction. Once you have found the right mats for your vehicle, you can choose between any number of personalisations and customisations - with different carpet colours, carpet edging and custom embroidery being available. Mercedes E-Class Car Mats, Buy Online from Simply Car Mats General 14-Sep-2020 The Mercedes E-Class has been one of the most successful models in the long history of Mercedes. We are now up to the sixth version of the E-Class and the E-class is one of the most capable machines on the road, which stands for so many different things across the world. If you see an E-Class in Africa for example, you are likely to see an old motor which has taken a real beating and continues to perform - and if you see one on the streets of London or other European capitals, it’s likely to be ferrying around businessmen and executives. The E-Class today continues to set and define standards for luxury and comfort in the executive car segment, and these cars make for the perfect motorway cruisers in saloon and estate variations. Those looking for more style and excitement, can choose between the E-Class coupe and the E-Class Convertible. All models benefit from ‘drip down’ technology which is shared from the Mercedes S-Class, which is a world beater in terms of refinement and luxury. There’s a range of engines available, with economical diesels historically being the most popular. Petrol engines are available, running up to the monstrous 6 litre+ E-Class AMG options which provide supercar performance. The interior of each and every E-Class is a luxurious place to be. To help keep the interior of your E-class looking good and protected, we stock and supply an excellent range of fully tailored car mats to fit all variations and generations of the Mercedes E-Class. These mats are available in both carpet and rubber variations, with boot mats also available. All of these mats are available to customise easily throughout the buying process, with different carpet thickness, carpet colours, carpet trims and edging, as well as custom embroidery being available - allowing you to make the exact mats you want and need. Regardless of the options you choose, we never supply poorly fitting universal mats which do a bad job of protecting the interior of your vehicle, and which can slide around the floor of the vehicle - potentially riding up underneath the pedals of the vehicle causing an accident. All of our mats have been designed to provide OEM levels of quality in a great value package. You can view the full range above, and as always - please get in touch if you have any questions about the range.

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