About Simply Car Mats

Simply Car Mats is an online retailer of Car Mats and related products. We specialise in Fitted Car Mats which are hand made in England to a very high standard.

Simply Car Mats car floor mats are fully designed to be an exact vehicle match, so they fit all vehicles advertised on our site including clip locators where necessary. Our carpets are available in various colours and grades of carpet.

Our office and factory are both based in England, so your mats are delivered by a national courier directly to your door.

We have been selling mats in large numbers to the public for over 10 years and stand by the quality of our products! We try to answer all of your enquiries or any difficulties you have finding the right mats for your vehicle.

Our prices are representative of the level of satisfaction YOU will get and we will never try to entice you in with false claims or "sale extended" gimmicks.

We have a large number of feedback messages from customers and always monitor your comments on ways to improve the products and our service. We now actively reach out to customers a few weeks after purchase to find out if everything was satisfactory. I we failed to meet your expectations tell us. If we exceeded them, tell everybody!

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