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Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Products

We sell the following floor mats for Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake.
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The Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is a tough car for us to explain, it’s best described (well, in the best way possible) as the estate version of the couple version of the Mercedes Benz A-Class. The CLA Shooting Brake treads the line between capable and practical and stylish - and some practicality has been sacrificed in order to keep the CLA shooting brake look as it was intended to do.

It’s a popular version of the incredibly popular Mercedes CLA - it’s not a small car though, and the CLA shooting brake is actually longer than the previous version of the ‘larger’ Mercedes C-Class. There’s a range of trims and engines available, with diesel and petrol engines which combine performance and economy being most popular. The most impressive and capable version of the CLA Shooting Brake is the CLA 45 - a 375bhp super wagon.

At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of car mats for the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake - allowing our customers to keep the interior of their CLA looking its best - with these carpets doing an excellent job of protecting the difficult to clean interior carpet of the CLA Shooting Brake, as well as providing the interior with a OEM style finish.

All of these mats are fully tailored, which means they provide the right levels of protection - and unlike ‘universal fitting mats’ will not slide around the floor of the vehicle, potentially causing an accident. CLA owners can also choose between a number of different options for their car mats, which can be chosen throughout the buying process. Options include different carpet thicknesses, carpet colour, carpet edging and custom carpet embroidery.

You can view the full range above, and if you have any questions - please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.