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Mercedes X Class Products

We sell the following floor mats for Mercedes X Class.
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The Mercedes X Class is the most premium pickup truck on sale. With an ever growing pickup segment, with pickups being used for lifestyle purposes as much as work purposes - it was only a matter of time before a luxury car brand moved properly into the segment. Although the X-Class shares it’s underpinning with the Nissan Navara, the Mercedes X Class is a completely different beast. Not only has the exterior of the vehicle been restyled - the interior of the vehicle is also massively upgraded - with a luxury interior introduced to the pickup segment properly for the first time.

It’s not just cosmetic upgrades which have taken place over the X-Class - it’s got a better ride quality than the Navara - and the suspension has been tuned to provide a more comfortable and responsive ride. There’s also a range of engines available, with some of the diesel power platforms sharing the same engines as the Nissan Navara - whilst the top of the range power platform is the X 350D which is a twin turbo diesel engine - which creates 254 bhp. The three different trim levels are Pure, Progressive and Power. The basic version of the Pure comes with plastic bumpers and steel wheels, so is best suited to work use. The top of the range V6 model has permanent four wheel drive.

At Simply Car Mats, we stock and supply an excellent range of fully tailored car mats - which have been designed to fit the floorspace and footwells of the X-class double cab pickup perfectly. The perfect fit and high quality design of these X-Class mats, which are available in both carpet and rubber variants, means that the interior of the vehicle is perfectly protected - meaning that there is no difficult cleaning of the interior carpet, or expense of replacing a damaged and worn interior carpet.

Carpet mats are the most popular option for X-class drivers, with their luxurious feel complimenting the luxurious interior of the X-class perfectly. These carpet mats can be specified with different carpet thicknesses, carpet edging, carpet colour and can be embroidered with a range of different fonts and words.

You can view the full range of mats above, and as always - if you have any questions or a unique requirement for car mats - get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.