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Mercedes CLK Products

We sell the following floor mats for Mercedes CLK.
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We have published an article for Mercedes car mats:
"A Guide to Buying Mercedes Car Mats "

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The Mercedes CLK is one of the most elegant and classy cars in the Mercedes Benz lineup - and we supply many CLK car mats to CLK owners who want to keep the interior of their CLK both fresh and in the best possible condition.

When the CLK was first introduced by Mercedes, it represented a massive step change in how the Mercedes brand designed and manufactured it’s coupes and convertibles. The CLK range has been designed with comfort and sport in mind, so it’s no one trick pony. There’s also a range of engines available, from frugal diesel options for maximum economy - across to powerful and punch petrol engines with a heavy bias towards performance.

The CLK is also more practical than you would first think - with the full range of CLK’s having four seats and an ample amount of boot space for most. Now the CLK stretches back many years - there’s still plenty of examples on the road, and some incredible well looked after examples.

Customers who come to use a set of car mats for their Mercedes CLK typically purchase the more luxurious carpet mats - which help ensure that the interior remains a very luxurious place to be. These luxury mats are also available to personalise, and different carpet colour, edging colour options and embroidery options are all readily available when you order your mats online.

It’s also well worth us stating that all of our car mats are fully tailored to the vehicle they are designed to be used in. We never sell or supply universal fitting car mats - which do a very poor job of looking after the interior of a vehicle, whilst looking scruffy - and in some cases, universal mats can slide underneath the pedals of the vehicle.

You can view the full range of CLK mats above, and as always - if you have any questions about the collection please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.