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Mercedes SLK Products

We sell the following floor mats for Mercedes SLK.
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The Mercedes SLK was launched over 20 years ago - and it was the first Mercedes Small Roadster. First released in 1996, it was an instant hit and success - with feedback from the motoring industry calling the SLK ‘innovative’ and ‘attractive’. One of the most instantly recognisable design features of the SLK is the folding sheet metal roof, which provided a balance between a soft top, and a car with a full metal roof. The designers were given with awards for their forward thinking design.

In total, there were almost 700,000 SLK’s sold in total, before the SLK was replaced by the SLC in 2016. Over 300,000 units of these sales can be accounted for by the first generation SLK known as the R 170. One of the first main changes to the SLK came in the year 2000, with a new engine being produced known as the 320 - this produced 218 horsepower, with the AMG version being the SLK 32 which produced a massive 354 bhp mated with an automatic transmission.

The metal roof made a big difference to how this car drove and felt on the road, with less wind noise and greater protection and insulation with the roof up. A new version of the SLK was launched in 2004, the R 171 and it’s updated looks brought about a number of new technologies, including Airscarf - which is still in use across the Mercedes convertible range. A diesel engine was also introduced for the first time with the R 172 model, the 250 CDI. The SLK was replaced in 2016 with the SLC - but many people’s loyalty and fond memories stay with the SLK.

At Simply Car Mats, we design and supply an excellent range of fully tailored car mats for all generations of the Mercedes SLK. These mats have been specifically designed for the SLK - so provides a perfect fit to the interior, protecting the difficult to clean and expensive to replace interior carpet. As well as providing the perfect fit, these mats also provide an OEM look, and there’s plenty of different options to choose from including carpet thickness, carpet colour, custom embroidery and also carpet edging options.

Although there are many different models to choose from, we never supply ‘universal fitting’ mats which slide around the surface of the interior, in some cases these mats can slide underneath the pedals of the vehicle, causing an accident.

You can view the full range of SLK mats above, and if you have any questions about the range or any specific mat requirements - please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.