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At Simply Car Mats, we love the fact that our mats are fitted into all kinds of different cars - from rugged 4x4’s to supercars. As well as supplying car mats to different kinds of vehicles - we also love supplying car brands which have incredibly rich history, and these brands have often had a huge impact on the motoring industry throughout the years.

One of the most interesting car brands that we supply car mats to is Jeep. Born in the early 1940’s during the Second World War, the first ever Jeep motor vehicle was the Willys MB Jeep. This jeep was designed specifically for military use during the war, and the design cues and rugged design of the original Willys jeep can be clearly seen in the Jeep Wrangler which is on the roads today.

The success of the Willys Jeep in the battlefield meant that after the war was finished, Willys began to make CJ models - designed for the civilian market (Civilian Jeep) Manufacturing continued, with the biggest change to the brand coming in 1987 when Chrysler bought Jeep. The range has grown massively in recent years, with all kinds of Jeep vehicles being on the market, from rugged 4x4’s right across to comfy crossovers. Regardless of the model you choose, you can be sure that you are buying into a brand with plenty of history.

Depending upon what the vehicle is used for, we supply all kinds of different Jeep Car Mats - which provide different levels of fit and protection. For the most rugged off roaders, we supply Jeep Rubber Mats - which provide outstanding levels of protection for the factory fitted floor of the vehicle. As well as supplying rubber mats to Jeep vehicles which head off the beaten track, we also supply carpet mats for all Jeep models - meaning that customers can choose to have OEM style mats in various thicknesses. On the most luxurious Jeep models, such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee - many customers choose very thick carpets mats.

All of the Jeep mats that we supply can also be personalised, with different coloured carpet, as well as edging trims. Customers can also choose to have their carpet mats embroidered, with a choice of text and fonts - meaning that these car mats can also be given as the perfect gift.

All of the Jeep car mats you see below, are fully tailored - and at Simply Car Mats we never sell ‘universal’ fitting car mats. All of our fully tailored mats provide the ultimate in fit and protection, unlike non fitted mats, which fail to protect the expensive interior carpet of the vehicle, and can also ride up underneath the pedals of the vehicle, causing an accident.

You can view our full range of Jeep Car Mats above, and as always - if you have any questions about the collection, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.