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Ford Fiesta (2008 - 2011) Quilted Waterproof Boot Liner

Ford Fiesta Quilted Boot Liner

From £189.99
plus £5.95 delivery per order.
Quilted Waterproof Boot Liners provide a tailored fit, attaching securely around the floor and sides of your boot, to protect your boot from spillages and dirt.
We offer the Quilted Boot Liners in different colours and design options as shown below.
Material Colour These colours are available:


We can make the boot liner as a single 1-piece design, or you can pay a little more to have a 4-piece design which can be separated or fitted without sides or bottom panels when required.

Bumper Flap

Do you want a bumper flap? This can be folded out of the back of the boot to protect your bumper from loading materials or dog claws. It's attached by velcro and removable

Drop Back

Do you want the option to cover the seats when folded flat? You can also choose to have this split into sections to allow you to fold down partial sections of the back seat. The division of the sections is listed as seen when looking from the back of the vehicle, from left to right.

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