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Mazda MX5 1990 - 1997 (MK1) Fitted Car Floor Mats product image
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Mazda MX5 (1990-1997) (MK1) Car Mats

From £23.99 rrp. £29.99
First Generation Model - Model designation NA
This product is a Set of 2 mats
Supplied with 1 Universal Locator
Water Resistant and Hard Wearing
Rubberised Anti-Slip Backing
Made in England just for you
Huge Savings compared to OEM Mats
Quick Delivery normally just 3 to 9 days
Material Tailored mats can be made from a choice of materials as offered below.
* If you choose Deluxe or better, you will be offered a discount on matching products.
Material Colour These colours are available:
Trim Colour The edge trim will surround all mats AND any driver's heel pad on carpet mats.
Heelpad Option Do you want a heelpad on the driver's mat?
Embroidery Enter some text here to see the colour and style options available:

 Style Choose a writing style
Colour Choose a colour for the writing
Do you want us to add embroidery to the rear mats also? This will be placed in the centre of the rear left and right foot wells facing the occupant. Rear Mat
Embroidery? £9.98

Images are for display purposes only.
Colour and appearance on the finished product may differ slightly from that shown on your display.
Embroidery previews are not to scale or representative of the location on the final product.
If the embroidery does not fit along the outside edge (sill) of the front mats, it will be placed across the mats facing the seats.

Vehicle Compatibility

The mats are designed to fit the Mazda MX-5 1990 models. These will fit vehicles manufactured in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997.

Full Description

FULLY fitted Car Mats provide the perfect fit. Designed to fit around the contours of your vehicle's foot wells and passenger area.

FULLY fitted Car Mats are designed specifically for the Mazda MX-5 1990, to fit the shape of your foot wells.

A double layer heel pad on the driver side will protect them from wear. Most products include a locking mechanism to prevent movement (depending on the model of vehicle). All carpet mats have a slip-resistant backing material.

We now offer all Car Mats in several grades of carpet and rubber. See below for an explanation.

Features of STANDARD carpet mats:

  • Hardwearing and affordable carpet
  • Optional heel pad on Drivers Mats
  • Anti Slip Backing
  • Alternative colour trim options

Features of DELUXE carpet mats:

  • Additional colour options
  • Higher quality carpet
  • Optional Heel pad on Drivers Mats
  • Rubber anti-slip backing
  • Alternative colour trim options

Features of SUPER DELUXE carpet mats:

  • Even higher quality carpet
  • Optional Heel pad on Drivers Mats
  • Rubber anti-slip backing
  • Alternative colour trim options

Features of ULTRA DELUXE carpet mats:

  • A new heavy weight carpet
  • Optional rubber heel pad on Drivers Mats
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Alternative colour trim options

Features of RUBBER mats:

  • Tough and Hard Wearing
  • Easy Clean
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal for working vehicles and muddy feet
  • Available in 3mm or 4mm rubber

The mats are tough, strong and durable and improve the look of your car. A heel pad on the driver's side protects the carpet from additional wear to prolong the life of your mats.

The underside of the carpet mats have a slip-resistant backing and each is hand made in England by experienced machinists.

Floor Locators:

If you need the mats to have floor locators fitted, ensure you pick the mats with the correct type of locators to match your floor fixings.

Round Floor Locators The most common floor fixing is round studs, where our round floor locators push down over the top.

Oval Floor Locators You may have oval 'Twist top' studs, where our oval floor locators fit over the floor fixing, which then rotates to lock the mat in place. If you have hooks in the floor, you would need mats with metal eyelets fitted. A lot of manufacturers place velcro patches in the floor and we can offer velcro locator versions of our mats.

Do you need locators in just the driver's mat? Check our product images as they should show you the holes in the mats. Sometimes there's also locators needed for the front passenger seat and occasionally they are also in the rear mats.

Do we show the same mats with different locator spacing? Sometimes we specify the distance apart for the locators. This is measured centre-to-centre in millimetres so if you're not sure, checking this in your vehicle before ordering is ideal.

If you're not sure what you need or we don't show the mats with the fittings you think you need, just contact us. We may be able to make the mats with what you need or we may be able to confirm what you already have.

Trim Options:

We can trim carpets in any of the available colours and this includes the optional heel pad on the driver's mat. We offer a wide choice of colours and even a selection of leatherette trims.

Edge trim is bound around the edge of the carpets and stitched securely to prevent fraying of the material.

We will include the default colour trim for your carpet choice for free, but for a small additional charge we'll use an alternative colour of your choice for that custom look!

Heel Pad Options:Heel Pad Example

Most of our carpet floor mats include a standard heel pad at no additional charge. This is usually an additional layer of carpet in the same colour as your floor mat, with the same edge trim. It's positioned to protect your driver's mat from the additional wear of the foot movement in the footwell whilst driving.

The thicker carpets cannot have a carpet heelpad, as the materials are too thick to stitch the additonal layer. You can choose to have a rubber heelpad on this however. If you have the carpet heelpad selected when you change the material you will be alerted to any change.

We recognise that some people prefer a simpler look of a plain mat, so you can choose to have NO heelpad and the cost is the same.

We also offer a Rubber heel pad on all carpet qualities. This offers superior protection for your mat. This is a cost option as displayed above.

Embroidery Options:Embroidery Locations

We offer custom embroidered words on carpet mats along the door-edge of the front pair, so on the right-hand side of the driver's mat and left-hand side of the passenger's.

If the embroidery lettering you enter does not fit along the outside edge (sill) of the front mats, it will be placed across the mats facing the seats.

For an additional charge we can also add the same writing across the centre of the rear mats.

This allows you to have a unique personalised interior for your vehicle. The embroidery is machine-stitched onto a backing material that is then attached securely onto the mat.

  • Choice of colour
  • Choice of style of writing
  • Your choice of words and numbers
  • Lettering measures around 2.54 cm tall

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